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CIPS Enrolment Form 2019-20 (181kb)

Training - Public training courses (63kb)

Training - Added value services (651kb)

Training - Public sector services (4.2mb)

Code of Practice for Managing Conflicts of Interest (27kb)

Neil Fuller & Associates Data Protection Policy (22kb)

Neil Fuller & Associates Student Handbook (167kb)

20 Questions for Purchasing Managers (391kb)

Learning and Studying (62kb)

Making the Best Use of Time (72kb)

Positive Thinking (40kb)

Revision and Exams (45kb)

The Management of Stress (36kb)

How to enhance your Career potential (27kb)

Answering Law Problems (29kb)

Merseyside double header on development (106kb)

Quality questions (23kb)

E-auctions - a useful purchasing tool? (33kb)

Outsourcing the Future (25kb)

A Right Roasting (25kb)

Tactics and Operations Examination (26kb)

Strategic Management and Change (48kb)

Outsourcing 10 Years After (30kb)

Outsourcing 10 Years After (1.73mb)