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Endorsements and Testimonials

We receive many endorsements and testimonials from our students and their employers who have been delighted with the courses that they have taken and the support that they have received. This is just a small selection of the many endorsements that we have received over the years from both students and employers:

Can I just take the opportunity to thank you and Mike for your support during the last few years of my CIPS tuition here. I feel that the course structure, materials and presentation has worked well for me as I’ve ploughed my way through each module. Hoping that I have completed the course when I get the result in Feb

Graham Fish (Senior Buyer NHSSC)

I could not praise NFA more. The course tutors were highly knowledgeable, engaging and supportive of differing learning styles. The course materials were well presented, easy to use and well-tailored to the course module specifications. I found the learning experience very positive and have been able to transfer the learning into my day to day role. I would highly recommend them to anybody considering studying for CIPS qualifications

Oliver Mooney

Just wanted to personally thank you both for helping me through my CIPS journey and finally achieving MCIPS (THANK GOD IT’S OVER!!). As you both are fully aware, I was probably not the most attentive in class however, I’ve really enjoyed the classes that were put on by you both which made the whole learning process more bearable, especially with the “banter”.

Zeesham Rehman

I would like to thank ‘Neil Fuller Associates’ for all their support and guidance throughout my MCIPs journey, from start (level 4) to end (level 6). A special thank you to Steve who was a fantastic tutor and was always happy to help both inside and outside of class. I would highly recommend ‘Neill Fuller Associates’ to any colleagues interested in achieving MCIPs status.

Ravinder Uppal

I started my CIPS qualification with Neil Fuller Associates by doing the Level 4 Diploma in Procurement & Supply and have recently achieved MCIPS with the Level 6 Professional Diploma, I found the study sessions to be extremely useful, they were challenging yet also enjoyable and the tutors were very engaging in their delivery. The exams were an intensive part of the qualification and at first it did seem daunting but the tutors at Neil Fuller ensured that we had really good revision material and I felt well prepared for the exams, revision sessions were really useful. I would definitely recommend NFA to anyone who is looking to begin their CIPS journey!

Beverly Willis (Project Manager Fusion21)

Thank you very much for all your help and support over the 2 years that I spent under the tutorage of the Neil Fuller Associates to start and finish my CIPS qualification. Every module was delivered in a professional manner, providing real life examples, lively discussions and an element of fun added in to allow brain down time over the weekend courses.

You were able to provide support when needed, spent time marking practice exam responses and provided guidance on how to “return to study” making the transition back to the class room at weekends an easy thing to do – I even started looking forward to spending my weekends in a class room! I would not hesitate to recommend Neil Fuller to others who were looking for weekend CIPS courses.

Philippa Chapstick Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager at ProOutsoucing

I could not praise NFA more. The course tutors were highly knowledgeable, engaging and supportive of differing learning styles. The course materials were well presented, easy to use and well tailored to the course module specifications. I found the learning experience very positive and have been able to transfer the learning into my day to day role. I would highly recommend them to anybody considering studying for CIPS qualifications.

Having studied at Neil Fuller for nearly 5 years through a full MCIPs programme I would encourage anyone looking to complete any level of CIPS to consider NFA. The dedication shown by all lecturers in delivering a well-rounded, interesting and informed course was well received by all students during my time with Neil Fuller and I could not envisage receiving a better service elsewhere.

Jason Hopkins Buyer at GAP

I enjoyed my time studying my CIPS Professional diploma with NFA. The sessions were well structured covering the syllabus and the course was delivered in a manageable way that I could manage alongside working. The course tutors were knowledgeable but also approachable and created a good environment to learn in. Overall my experience of NFA associates was a positive one and I would recommend them.

Samual Davison Senior Supply Chain Officer at Nuvia

When I first started out on the CIPS journey I was attracted to Neil Fuller Associates due to its Centre of Excellence status and the flexible study options the centre offers. The option to study at weekends allowed me to attend lectures with minimal impact on my working week. Lectures were delivered by experienced procurement professionals from both the public and private sector. Discussion was encouraged during lectures and real life examples from other CIPS trainees working in other industries also helped bring the CIPS modules to life. Whilst completing CIPS I have developed in my career in the public sector and grown as a Procurement professional. Looking back, I am certain that studying CIPS with Neil Fuller Associates was an excellent decision due to their professional and supportive approach.

Jeff Gibson Category Manager at Branded Medicines NHS England

I just wanted to pass over some feedback we have received for the recent study skills sessions that you ran for us recently.

Well, all I can say is that the feedback is AMAZING! this is the most positive feedback we have ever had for a set of courses, put it this way I didn’t even need to send out the forms, I got in-undated with people emailing and speaking too me.

Thank you so much! and the team our looking forward to the teaching sessions themselves in a few weeks.


How would you link the singer Adele with the population of Kazakhstan? Struggling? Well, with not a PowerPoint slide in sight, (but with a brief hand-out for delegates) Stephen Lovatt’s presentation on ‘Negotiation Talk’ to the CIPS Derbyshire Branch on 12th October managed to do it.

Stephen used personal examples from his considerable business experience to demonstrate how the preparation for ‘negotiations’ is not something to be done 15 minutes before walking in to the supplier, and not even defined when the RFQ leaves your office, but should be considered even as you are forming your strategy. Not convinced? Consider this: the expectations you set by your procurement strategy can set ‘anchor points’ around which you are bound, and which your suppliers will work around. Are we in a bad habit of framing and conditioning our ‘anchor points’ without realising the potential impact?

In the traditional procurement process model, buyers issue an invitation for the suppliers to set the ‘market price’ - the supplier’s tender offering sets the ‘anchor point’ and we then embark to negotiate around these points. But is this fair market value? Is it in fact a ‘self-conditioning’ market place? Stephen gave entertaining examples of how Purchasing managers have made decisions to eliminate a highly competitive bid because it is “too low”, and how the simple task of buying a jumper in the Christmas sales can reveal how we are conditioned by sellers and rely on our own ‘psychological gains’ rather than real value!

So the challenge Stephen gave to our thinking is ‘when is the market value set’ and by whom? Is it Purchasing that conditions the market place, or what we believe to be the market place that conditions us?

It’s always a sign of a well-received speaker when lively debate breaks out over the post-presentation buffet. Some delegates even considered how purchasing processes imposed by their companies actually impede the opportunity for buyers to set the ‘anticipation point’ at a lower level than what may be traditionally considered the ‘market price’.

We would like to extend our thanks to Stephen Lovatt for a truly entertaining and though provoking presentation that challenges our conventional thinking. Anyone wishing to contact Stephen can do so on

Oh yes, and the population of Kazakhstan is ?????? You will have to find out!

I just wanted to write a brief note (from me and the team) to say thanks you for all your help, support, expertise, professionalism and the quality of tuition that Fusion21 has been receiving from Neil Fuller Associates.

Since we started this process a few years ago we have grown and developed as an organisation and think a part of that success is helped by the contact and support of the qualifications but also from you.

We are really looking forward to carrying on our CIPS journey with you and your team over the next 9 months and our relationship continuing way beyond this.

Peter Francis - Director of Operations

Many thanks. I gained some valuable takeaways from both training courses I have recently attended, Contract Management and Improving Negotiation Skills. It was a pleasure to meet you and also gain an insight into your experience as a procurement buyer. Am looking forward to attending future courses.

Sarah Yates - Supplier Relationship Manager

Kent CIPS Branch 'Funky' Negotiation Talk

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent "funky" presentation last night. I could see that everyone was riveted and the feedback was very positive, best event of the year most said.

Steve Lamey - Branch Chairman

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Since joining the procurement department in 2012, Chris Vranch, Contract Manager expressed a keenness to develop his knowledge and skills in procurement and in particular, develop himself via professional qualifications.

As the professional route was determined to be the most beneficial for both Chris and the organisation it was agreed that Chris would enrol and study for his Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) qualification.

Chris has passed both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma, and is now studying for his Professional Diploma, which he aims to complete in early 2016.

Since undertaking his CIPS qualification the increase in both Chris’ ability and confidence has been noticeable, which is reflected in not only how he projects himself both within his own department but also throughout the organisation in his day-to-day communication and engagement with his wider organisational colleagues.

Whilst some of this increase in confidence and ability is attributable to general day-to-day activity and challenges it is also clear that a considerable amount is directly attributable to the facilitation events Chris has attended at Neil Fuller Associates on a weekly basis since 2013. Chris has found these events informative, though provoking and relevant to his day-to-day responsibilities resulting in increased performance from Chris that is beneficial for all parties.

Alison Parker - Head of Procurement

NF Associates have supported me through my professional qualification journey; they have been a constant help and source of encouragement over my ten year journey. This started with the original Foundation and then Professional Stage examinations in the early 2000s. I then attended their first Masters cohort in Procurement and Supply Chain 2013-4, which was informative, enjoyable and a great benefit to my career.

The environment is both supportive and stretching to allow the greatest success; I always found the group teaching a superb learning experience. NF Associates have facilitated my professional learning journey and I look forward to seeing their success for the future. The qualifications I have received have been recognised internationally and have helped me to develop my career in a very competitive market; I would recommend Neil and the team to anyone who is interested in progressing their career.

James Gaskin MCIPS, MSc.

Just a brief note to say thanks for the help and support Neil Fuller Associates has given me during my CIPS studies and in the ongoing support since with professional advice.

The expertise and professionalism of the lecturing and support staff is of the highest standard and it is always a pleasure to deal with the team. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Jennifer Jones MCIPS - Senior Buyer

Just writing a brief letter to say thanks for the recent training that you have provided and the help and support Neil Fuller Associates have given to myself and my procurement staff over the years both with their CIPS studies and in general.

Certainly a spring board to my own career through the ranks of CIPS, my MSc and cementing my FCIPS accreditation.

Kevin Williams - Senior Director of Purchasing & Supply Chain

Now the final exam result is in, I wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for the excellent learning experience that I have been privileged to receive over the last, almost, three years. This is a testimony to both the quality of the teaching and the extensive resources that are made available to every student. May I wish you and your team every success in the future.